WR Comunicação provides specialized services on media relations, social media management, content production for websites or blogs, creation and performing of editorial projects. In order to offer a customized service, we keep a limited number of customers, whose are always serviced by the same professionals; all experienced both in the editorial business and in the journalistic work.


WR Comunicações´Assets:


Customized service: Our customer is always serviced by the same press officer. This ensures our professional to deeply know the company and develop creative and suitable stories.


Service agility: for WR, it is vital to provide quick service to clients and journalists. A quick service ensures a higher productivity and work efficiency.


Strategic insight and resilience: With real time communications capability, no one is completely guarded from crisis and negative effects for a company´s image. WR outlines strategic insights in order to diminish the risks of a crisis. However, if they come to happen, our team is fully trained to be resilient while handle tough situations and to reduce the negative impact resultant of the crisis.


Get to know more about the media relations services offered by WR Comunicação as it follows:


 Media Relations:


Media Relations services are relevant to companies which seek to communicate to the media on an efficient and proactive way. Companies that hire a competent partner to management of the media relations takes good advantage mainly in two ways:
Firstly, the company generates a bond with the journalists, becoming a continuous information source for articles.
Secondly, the publication of the company´s brand and services on journalistic articles (ad-lib advertisings).


On a practical way, the media relations aims to reinforce the brand, defend the image of the client´s company, broadcast relevant information, limit the impact of negative information, and to widen the consuming Market which each company is part of.


On this segment, WR Comunicação is highlighted by the asset of keeping a straight relationship with journalists through visits on editorial offices and constant phone communications. Besides, we always keep the press´mailing (journalists contacts) updated, categorized by field of interest and geographical location.Our online press office is always filled with press releases and high resolution photos for download, speeding up the service to the journalists.


With all these tools, we are completely capable of providing media relation all over the country.


 About the responsible journalist:


Wagner Ribeiro is a professional journalist graduated by Universidade Nove de Julho. Worked as reporter on great circulation newspapers and magazines from Brazil. He also worked on media relations servicing customers of large business such as Swiss, Swisscargo, Turkish Airlines, Azul Linhas Aéreas, ABAG (Brazilian Association of General Aviation ), LABACE (Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition) Locar, among others. He has also written many books and is a creative writing workshop coordinator on corporate environments.






Telephone: +55 11 2079-0803

Responsible Journalist: Wagner Ribeiro